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Introduction to Food Safety for food handlers - Internal training short course

Course Info

Training provider: Food Safety Matters

Training Type: Onsite
Location: National
Cost: R Contact for more information
On Demand
Course Duration: 2 hours

Don't spend tens of thousands of rands on external training providers - you can now train your food handlers internally using Food Safety Matters' short courses. View our website for the full range.

Course Description

Food Safety Matters has developed a series of simple short courses (2-3 hours each) on different food safety and hygiene topics. The courses are specifically designed to be presented in-house. All you need is a suitable person (a person from your own staff with food safety knowledge) to present the training, a projector or big screen and, of course, the wonderful training material designed by Food Safety Matters.

 Each training pack contains a learner workbook which explains food safety and hygiene principles in very simple English with fun exercises to entrench important concepts and habits. Also included are a short knowledge test and a certificate of completion for each learner. In addition, each course is accompanied by a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation packed with images, video clips and real life examples. The PowerPoint presentation can also be provided in video format with a voice-over.


1. Introduction & Definitions
Why must I do this training?
Why is food important?
What is safe food?
What is food safety?
What is food hygiene?
2. Food Safety Hazards
What are food safety hazards?
How do hazards end up in food?
3. The role of the food handler
Am I a food handler?
How can I prevent food poisoning?
Five keys to safer food

Course Outcomes

Introduce your food workers to the concept of food safety. Why is food safety important and how can they contribute to keep food safe?

Basic concepts in food safety are explained to food workers using simple language and practical examples. The course duration is 2-3 hours.

This course is a perfect starting point to kick off your internal training programme.

Please note that all courses can be customised to include your company logo and company specific information.



Who should attend

Food handlers

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