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ISO 22000:2018

Course Info

Training provider: FSQ Excellence

Training Type: Onsite
Location: Gauteng
Cost: R Contact for more information
On Demand
Course Duration: 3 days

This training is based on the 2018 version of the ISO 22000 standard.

Course Description

This training focuses on the implementation criteria for each clause of the ISO 22000:2018 standard. We take a step by step approach to developing and implementing a food safety management system as per the requirements of ISO 22000:2018 standard. The course also offers document templates that can be easily adapted for use within your organization.

Course Outcomes

Outcomes of the course also includes:

  • Understand all the principles of ISO 22000
  • Know how to put these principles into practice
  • Know how to make a difference in your plant regarding ISO 22000
  • Know how to conduct Hazard analysis


A basic understanding of the concepts of Pre-requisite Programs (PRPs) as specified in the relevant PRP standard used by the organization and HACCP Principles.   

Understanding the basic food safety terms.

Who should attend

Food safety team members


Top Management

Quality personnel

Production personnel

Engineering/Maintenance personnel

Warehousing/Distribution personnel

Any persons who are involved in developing, implementing and maintaining the food safety management system.

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