Food Focus is passionate about compliance – our enduring goal is to help the food industry do the right things, the right way.

One of the ways of achieving food compliance is through adequate and effective education on all aspects of compliance, and so we have created Foodemy, and we aim to be the most comprehensive food training directory for South Africa.

Foodemy aims to provide a one-stop platform to access training and development from and for the food industry – courses, webinars, training providers, on-line training, self-help programs – we will bring it together in one place, just for you. 

Since its inception in 2016, Food Focus has focused on educating the food industry through our website, social media channels, webinars, online conferences, and live events. 
In line with our key focus areas, we aim to bring you offerings to assist you to comply in multiple areas of business risk namely:
•    Food safety
•    Quality management
•    Occupational health and safety
•    Environmental management and sustainability
•    Corporate social responsibility
•    General (HR, Leadership, Finance, Management etc)



The food industry is highly regulated and under constant scrutiny by regulators, customers, consumers and even the media.

The plethora of standards and regulations can be confusing, but ignorance of the law is no defence. You are required by law to know - and knowing requires training.

Compliance requirements are based on risk management. Do you as a business owner KNOW the food safety risks you handle? Are you aware of the health and safety factors you need to manage to keep employees protected? What are your personal legal liabilities? Do your employees know the right practices?

That is why training is a legal requirement.

Standards such as FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001, among others, need training to ensure their requirements are understood, correctly implemented, and maintained. Your teams will need training to achieve this.

Plus, the value of having your employees understand WHY they need to do things a certain way goes a long way to building a strong compliance culture. And that has huge business benefits as reduces risk by ensuring that the right things happen every day, just because it is the right thing to do.

This need for training is indisputable - now let Foodemy help you find the right course and training provider to meet your individual or business needs.