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Food Safety Matters

Food Safety Training Made Simple and Affordable. Food Safety Matters specialises in the development of customised training material for the food industry. We have developed a range of short courses, on various food safety and hygiene topics, which can be easily incorporated into your internal training programme. The training is supported by several A2 food safety posters, available in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

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Established in 1999 as Africon, AssureCloud is Southern Africa’s largest and most comprehensive food safety, environmental, veterinary, and occupational hygiene laboratory group. Our goal is to prevent illness and injury caused by occupational hazards and food safety issues by identifying and monitoring risks that may cause disease or other workplace or food-related risk. Through the strategic acquisition of innovative companies such as Deltamune Laboratories, and SAI Global Africa Assurance (QPRO and SAIGAS), AssureCloud is a global leader in Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

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FOOD BASICS by Gabi Steenkamp

We thoroughly check your food label compliance with all the relevant South African food labelling regulations that apply to your product. The label evaluation report details everything that must be corrected, deleted and added to a food label in order for it to be compliant with all the food labelling regulations of South Africa. We also do label oversticker information compilation for Imported product labels, to ensure compliance. For those products that do not state any nutritional claims we offer calculated nutritional analysis of your product in the correct format for complete compliance with the South African food labelling regulations.

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BSI believes the world deserves safe, sustainable and socially responsible food. We offer a broad range of certification and risk management services to help organisations in the food and retail supply chain mitigate risk, protect their brands and build resilient supply chains. With 90 offices around the world, we are a leading food safety and certification provider with the capacity and capability to provide integrated services for a wide range of food safety and business improvement standards across the entire food and retail supply chain; including GFSI-recognised standards.

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NSF International

NSF is an independent global public health and safety company. Their mission is to protect and improve global human health and the environment. NSF specializes in Food, Water and Health Sciences and further their mission by developing standards, audits, certification, testing, training and technical services. Accredited certification and training against agriculture, food manufacturing, packaging, retail and hospitality, social and environmental standards.

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Safe Food Consulting

Specialist food processing and packaging services to the food industry. I have extensive experience in most aspects of long-life, shelf-stable foods in cans, jars, pouches and bottles; doing spoilage investigations, thermal process recommendations and packaging evaluation and auditing.

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NSF International - Africa

THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN FOOD SAFETY Our mission and focus has always been protecting and improving human health! Training for the Food Industry.

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Devolden Group Pty Ltd

ACCREDITED TRAINING. The design of our services is to introduce to our clients the means to achieve Devolden Group by offering our clients a fast, efficient and proficient service. This corporate portfolio intention is to acquaint you with the various services available from Devolden Group. We are committed to education and acknowledge the necessity for training that provides the general workforce with the skills and knowledge to uplift themselves, thus creating a prosperous and purposeful environment for future development and lasting improvement. We pride ourselves in our ability to create measured improvement of performance, productivity and profitability.

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SynNovation Solutions

LinkedIn recently stated that Creativity is the most important skill. Organisations know it is important but don’t always know how to instill it in their staff. At SynNovation, one of the things we have done for over 20 years, is enabling organisations to build the creative capacity of their staff for collaboration and complex problem-solving by building the right climate through training programs or catalyst-guided facilitated sessions. All of these form the foundation for breakthrough improvement and innovation. Creativity is key to finding fresh solutions to new problems we face today - be it food safety culture, environmental or energy challenges, packaging and waste or creating fresh concepts for new product development, or moving beyond continuous improvement toward innovation. We provide standard training products as public or in-house courses. We can also customise in-house programmes to address customers' unique challenges or opportunities.

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Food safety training, and digital food safety systems implementation for the food industry

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