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Course Info

Training provider: FSQ Excellence

Training Type: Onsite
Location: Gauteng
Cost: R Contact for more information
On Demand
Course Duration: 1 day

This course aims to ensure the clear understanding of TACCP and VACCP.

Course Description

The main concern of the food industry is the SAFETY of its products. Food safety management systems have, over the years, been developed by the industry and regulators which means that major outbreaks of food poisoning are now quite unusual in many countries. 

These systems typically use Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles which are accepted globally. HACCP has proven to be effective against accidental contamination. 

HACCP principles however have not been routinely used to detect or mitigate deliberate attacks on a system or process. Such attacks include deliberate contamination, electronic intrusion, and fraud. Deliberate acts may have food safety implications but can harm organizations in other ways, such as damaging business reputation or extorting money.

This course provides an understanding of the VACCP and TACCP concepts. 

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the definitions related to food defence, VACCP and TACCP
  • Understand the requirements of various standards for food defence, VACCP and TACCP
  • Perform a Vulnerability assessment
  • Perform a Threat assessment
  • Understand requirements for recall processes to enable development of effective procedures


A basic understanding of food safety concepts.

Who should attend

VACCP/TACCP Team Members

Top management

Procurement personnel

Receiving personnel

Warehouse/Distribution personnel

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