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PRPs training

Course Info

Training provider: Annelie Coetzee Consulting

Training Type: Online
Location: Online
Cost: R Contact for more information
Starting Date: 18 Oct 2021
Ending Date: 19 Oct 2021
Course Duration: 2 Days

After this training the learners will be able to : • Implement PRPs relevant to their industry; • Gain a basic understanding of food microbiology • Assist with hygiene inspections • Contribute to implementation of the HACCP system

Course Description

This course will cover:

•    The relationship between PRPs and other food
   safety systems
•    PRPs – the preventive approach
•    Food safety hazard categories
•    A basic awareness of micro-organisms and the
   sources of contamination
•    Foreign matter control, chemical contamination
   control including allergen control and prevention
   of cross-contamination
•    Product traceability for recall purposes
•    Facility management including site security and
   food defense
•    Process control and temperature control
•    Waste management
•    Hygiene of staff facilities and ablution facilities
•    Equipment management
•    Cleaning and disinfection of the facility
•    Pest control
•    Allergen management
•    Personal hygiene and protective clothing
•    Record keeping and documentation required for
 managing PRPs
•    Compliance with legislation
•    Supplier management and food fraud

Course Outcomes

The learners will be able to :
•    Implement PRPs relevant to their industry;
•    Gain a basic understanding of food microbiology
•    Assist with hygiene inspections
•    Contribute to implementation of the HACCP



Who should attend

Any staff member responsible for implementing
or maintaining PRPs, those responsible for
management and improvement of PRPs, HACCP
team members; those responsible for supplier
quality assurance and performing hygiene
The course content is applicable to all types and
sizes of food handling organisations, manufacturers
caterers, retailers, suppliers to the food industry,
distribution companies and their suppliers and
packaging manufacturers supplying the food
industry. The course is aimed at supervisory, senior
supervisory and managerial levels.

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